i just watched the video that onision made about christian and

i’ll frickin injure him

literally what the hell??????? like who told you it’s okay to take captioned gifs way out of context and make horribly condescending assumptions about a person you’ve never met?????? and then fucking compare him to another youtuber (deefizzy) as if it’s some kind of contest??????? damon is not the happy antithesis to the “emo” christian. if anything, those two are more similar than they are different.

and then he fucking mocked christian’s appearance like yeah that totally doesn’t indicate how much of a complete douchebag and utter piece of trash you are

at the end, he had the nerve to tell christian “you’re welcome for all the new subscribers i just gave you” like wow okay congratulations on being an asshole


every time i see this groovy dog it reminds me of christian novelli


just try to tell me that is not actually him in dog form.

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